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In addition to the reviews from our wonderful customers over the years, we’ve served up food that has earned us awards from several publications in our community, such as the Reno Gazette-Journal, Reno News & Review, and Nevada Magazine. We’re proud to have brought a piece of Chinese culture to the Biggest Little City.  Please use the button below to leave a review of your dining experience at Palais de Jade.

Everything from the service to the food was on point

I've heard a lot of positive things about this restaurant and the rumors were true! We came here for lunch [6/25/18] and the restaurant was filled! We sat down and gave a glance at the menu. The service was exceptional and respectable; they knew it was lunch hour and everyone seemed to help each other out. Having worked in a couple restaurants, I understand the importance of working together. While looking at the menu, someone approached our table to greet us and to say that although they weren't our server, she would gladly take our drink orders since it was busy. Moving forward with the food! Their menu has a lot of options, but not too overwhelming like some other Chinese restaurants have it. What always catches my attention are the lunch specials, or in this case Luncheon Combinations, which they did have! You can enjoy a soup, with some appetizers along with your entree. We ordered two luncheon combinations; Beef with Tomatoes ($9) and Szechuan Style Sautéed Shrimp ($13) with Egg Flower Soup and Springroll and Crab Rangoon for our appetizers. The egg flower soup was thick and delicious, a great way to start our lunch. The Szechuan Style Sautéed Shrimp was also very good. There were plenty of shrimp and they were pretty plump. It also had a nice kick to it, spicy but not too overpowering. My favorite was the Beef with Tomatoes. The gravy was so savory and I personally love tomatoes. I didn't think such a simple dish would be so good. Everything from the service to the food was on point. You can taste the quality in every bite. I'm so happy to have finally dined here because I think I just found my new Go-To for Chinese food here in Reno. Palais De Jade, you've got me!
-Cory P.

One of the best Chinese food joints in the area.

Certainly one of the best chinese food joints in the area. Palais De Jade delivers house made goodness by the dish. Everything we tried was cooked the way you want it to be. Crispy where it should be, salty when you want it and sweet where you expect it. The flavors are way beyond the overly sugary fare of it's competitors and there are unique hints and subtle background flavors abound. Staff is very friendly and attentive, and the ambiance is a step above the chinese food place you normally go to. I am almost ashamed to say it but this was my first visit to Palais, in the 14 years I've live in Reno. Take my advice. Don't wait 14 years to enjoy the great food here.
-Mickey H.

The best Chinese food my family has found in Reno

Hands down, the best Chinese food my family has found in Reno. Palais De Jade is a little off the beaten path for the average out-of-towner, but definitely worth the effort. Located in a strip mall a few miles of the interstate, this place is a medium sized restaurant. Once inside you'll find a nice sized bar, plenty of booth style seating with dark wood and white tablecloths. There is a back room with the large tables for bigger groups. We were greeted with an extensive menu with all the usual dishes. Everything we ordered was wonderful. The hot and sour soup was loaded with goodies and had a wonderfully rich stock, that seemed to have layer after layer of flavor. The house chow mien, house fried rice, Mongolian beef and kung pao chicken were so flavorful and full of crisp fresh veggies, and huge portions of meat. The only dish not to hit it out of the park was the beef and mushrooms. Still good, just lacking a little flavor compared to other dishes. The staff was very friendly and attentive, keeping glasses full, dishes bussed and making sure we were enjoying ourselves. Portions are average as were the prices. I certainly wish we lived closer, Palais De Jade would be a regular on the rotation!
-Brent D.

Rich and Nourishing

I always order the wonton soup xxl to go. It's pricey but worth it! With two of us we get plenty. I am allergic to fish and shellfish and they have never messed up! The broth is rich and nourishing. Whenever I don't feel good- this is my first meal afterwards. I trust it. Often when I eat out there's a price to pay being allergic to fish and msg. And I land up sick again.... never at this restaurant.
-Terri S.

An absolute pleasure

Wednesday September 19th, 6:30pm. 3 people Food: 5 stars Ambiance: 5 stars Service: 5 stars After 21 years of dining at Palais De Jade, it is still an absolute pleasure every. single. time! The owner Joe is always warm and friendly, and the service is above par. Your dining experience starts with crisp linens on your table and ice cold water. The walls are a warm tone which is calming and pleasing. The menu is extensive with something for every taste and diet. The best part is, I modify my go-to dish from their original recipe, and have never had an issue! It is ALWAYS spectacular! The food is presented beautifully in a family style; and if you so choose, they will plate it for you. This place is simply amazing, and it's no wonder they've won Best Of Reno numerous times!
-Michelle M.

My favorite Chinese food spot!

I have been coming here for maybe 10+ years now. My favorite Chinese food spot! EVER! Great atmosphere, amazing service and every dish is made perfectly. You can't go wrong with any of their classic dishes or drinks. I always order the orange chicken - its the perfect combo of sweet and spicy in nice crispy sauce saturated bite size pieces. DROOL. The servers are extremely professional and friendly and to top it all off our food was ready in a lightning fast 10 minutes from when we placed the order. Seriously!? :-D
-Barbara R.

The Food Was Great Quality

We came here for dinner on the recommendation from a friend that this was one of the best Chinese Restaurants in Reno. So far I agree. Upon walking in there is a bar area with stool seating and tables set-up and decorated nicely to the left as well as to the right (some booth seating as well). The ambiance is on the darker side I'm guessing to give that relaxing and romance feel. The hostess treated us kindly and we were seated promptly. The waitress was very nice and accommodating as well as answered all our questions and did not make us feel rushed. She checked on us periodically to confirm we were good and the food was good. We decided to get the Shanghai Dinner for two which came with an assortment of items including soup, appetizers and main meals. It was a great deal and menu pricing is really reasonable for the quality and quantity. They have other dinner options for groups as well and single meal items. The food was great quality. No issues there. Tasted excellent and smelled really good. The only improvement I feel could with the atmosphere. Was a little on the boring side and bland but other then that great place.
-Douglas H.

This is the best Chinese food I've eaten in Reno so far.

This is the best Chinese food I've eaten in Reno so far. I ordered the lunch special, curry chicken and rice. The order came out in 10minutes, and it also had chicken wings and an egg roll with it. The taste was really good, not spicy at all. The lunch special also has a salad with peanut butter cream(similar to what you get in Thai restaurants too). One difference was that the salad had noodles, crispy ones, so I liked them a lot. The waitress was extremely prompt and they kept refilling our water cups regularly. We barely had to ask or bother the waiters at all. The place was reasonably packed during lunch. Overall very satisfied with the ambiance, service and the food prices too(totally worth the money you pay)
-Saarthak C.

Sophisticated Atmosphere

When I think of many of the lower priced Asian cuisine restaurants in Reno, I don't think of beautiful settings or a sophisticated atmosphere. Palais De Jade has changed that opinion, offering great tasting and inexpensive food all presented with great service and a beautiful restaurant. I'll admit that I've only recently discovered Palais De Jade even though I drive by it regularly. By the suggestion of a coworker I had my first opportunity to eat here and now I'll be a frequent patron. The lunch menu offers a remarkable deal for two appetizers, soup or salad, rice, and an entree, all for a very good price. And the food doesn't disappoint. If you love soup, the hot and sour soup is my recommendation. Service was tremendous from start to finish. I was welcomed warmly, helped throughout the meal, and as I left I was given a very kind farewell. This place is a must-eat if you're a fan if Asian cuisine. 5/5 food, 5/5 atmosphere, 5/5 service. Yum!
-Cory S.

Super Super Fast

I've not been very impressed with Chinese food in Reno but this place has completely changed that! The service was super super fast and our waitress anticipated our needs before we did. We never asked for anything because she was already on it! Service was 6/5!!! We ordered curry beef, orange chicken, green beans, a beer, and green tea. The orange chicken was so so good I'm so pleased with it and will definitely be back for that again. I've been on a little bit of a quest for quality orange chicken that doesn't make me feel like crap, I have found that here! It's nice and crispy and thinly sliced and you really get an orange flavor which is just delightful. The curry beef was very good as well. I've never had Chinese curry (pretty much just Thai curry) so this was a nice introduction! The curry flavor is much more muted than in Indian or Thai curries. The beef was crazy tender and I'm excited to eat the leftovers we are bringing home. The green beans were delicious though I suspect they aren't the healthy vegetable I was looking for. That being said, I will definitely order these again because they were super tasty. The atmosphere is good and it's moderately quiet in here which is nice for dinner between couples. Thank you, Palais de Jade, for a really lovely meal!
-Alex C.
960 W. Moana Ln
Reno, Nevada 89509
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